Industry Expertise

Our focus on your business builds a deep understanding of the context in which you operate.

Banking & Finance 
EXL partners with banking and financial institutions to improve operations, enhance customer experience, and manage risk.
We help insurers acquire new business, streamline operations, better manage claims, reduce risk, retain customers and more.
Transportation & Logistics
We help transportation and logistics  companies look deeper at profitability, customer expectations and competitive challenges.
Travel & Leisure
EXL delivers richer insights, increased profitability and drives better personalized customer experiences that lead to accelerated revenue growth and improved profitability.  
We help utility companies enhance operating models, improve customer experience, reduce unwanted costs, shorten turnaround time and simplify compliance.                 

Digital Intelligence is the foundation of everything we do, and inspires our ideas and research.

Real results

For businesses that aren't satisfied by good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results. 

Why exl
Domain X Digital

Data, analytics, robotics. These and other technology tools can never be completely effective – or transformative – unless they’re paired with deep knowledge of and experience in the industries to which they are applied.

At EXL, we focus on select industries – complex, critical, regulatory-intensive businesses where “almost perfect” isn’t nearly enough. From insurance and healthcare to transportation and utilities, we know the unique challenges and opportunities of the industries in which we work. 

We hire experienced industry leaders, host training academies, and make strategic investments in technology and new capabilities. This enables us to approach our clients’ challenges with an insider’s understanding, and support their growth as true partners.

2x winner
the Aecus Automation Award for leadership in digital transformation
High Performer
High Performer in the “HfS Blueprint for Digital Marketing Operations” (2016)
Winner's circle
in “HfS Blueprint: Insurance As-a-Service 2017”

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