Working together to help you succeed in the complex landscape of value-based care

How does EXL Health innovate for you?
We look and go deeper to find a better way.

We use Human Ingenuity — our innate ability to collaborate and work together — to understand your unique needs. We solve your complex problems by discovering the best path forward and applying analytics.

We offer best-in-class operations to give you agile solutions that are nimble, seamlessly integrated, and customer-centric, resulting in faster improvements in outcomesand efficiencies.

Achieve your operational goals by infusing digital solutions in the right places.

We are a true partner with flexible, modular solutions tailored for your organization. Apply our expertise only where you need it.

What we do

Improve Patient Care and Outcomes

Provide patients and providers with clinical and non-clinical support, helping them find the right level of support at the right time.

  • Population analytics
  • Enhance population risk management
  • Care gap management
  • Targeted patient engagement and care coordination interventions
  • Integration of emerging risk and SDoH management

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Enhance Patient and Provider Experience and Reduce Abrasion

We help providers:

Maximize Financial Performance

With a focus on operations effectiveness, we help provider organizations protect profitability without compromising delivery of quality care. Our solutions include:

  • Full-service FAO systems support from general ledger and accounts, to payroll, treasury, and tax
  • Integrated revenue managment solutions to define the payment process and provide analytics and insights for optimal workflow and practice management

Optimize Operations

Identify, optimize, and capture value through our data assets, analytics expertise, and data management experience

  • Better plan for and strategies staffing resources
  • Expand clinical and non-clinical resource capacity
  • Develop and operationalize data and analytics command centers
  • Streamline workflows through optimization and automation
  • Deliver solutions to navigate and automate complex UM processes

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Accelerate Efficiencies

Infuse our digital solutions across the value chain to accelerate efficiencies, including:

  • Cloud-based data strategies
  • Chat bots
  • Conversational IVRs
  • Digital Engagement
  • System Integrations
  • Analytics and Reporting Automation and Operational Integrations

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EXL Health delivers intelligence to shape strategies that transform your business.

Real results

Human ingenuity is the foundation of everything we do with our clients to drive success.


"What makes the difference with EXL is they're very forward-thinking... Other partners we deal with have capabilities, but... EXL is always pushing the envelope in term of automation,AI. Other partners we have in many cases, perhaps stand to benefit from the current environment and, and processes and controls and so forth. Well, I can get that. You want to make money while you can make money."

Doug Briggs
Director, Cost and Contract Analysis,
TriWest Healthcare Alliance

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