In the digital era, speed is the new mark of quality. In order to meet customer needs at the speed of digital, companies must break down traditional silos to optimize customer journeys and embed intelligence into business processes end to end. Combining deep expertise in our clients’ industries with AI and operations management, we transform operating models to deliver results at the speed and scale needed to move your business forward.

Operations solutions

Operations solutions

Actuarial transformation

Reimagining the actuarial function of the future


Deliver excellent customer experience in a digitally connected future

Data-driven finance

Discover deeper actionable insights faster

EXL digital intake solution for insurance

Powered by EXL Xtrakto.AI™

EXL Exelia.AI™

Redefine your customer experience for measurable results

EXL Paymentor℠

Create a unified and personalized debt collection journey for your debtors

EXL Smart audit

AI-driven audit to improve business and customer outcomes


AI and NLP powered Content Extraction capability

Mortgage operations

Look deeper into advance mortgage operations

Payment services

Ensure payment claim accuracy and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse

Provider integrated revenue management

Together, let’s master the entire revenue cycle.

Revenue acceleration

Experience faster growth and profitability

Why EXL operations management

Data, analytics, robotics. These and other technology tools can never be completely effective – or transformative – unless they’re paired with deep knowledge of and experience in the industries to which they are applied.

At EXL, we focus on select industries – complex, critical, regulatory-intensive businesses where “almost perfect” isn’t nearly enough. From insurance and healthcare to transportation and utilities, we know the unique challenges and opportunities of the industries in which we work. 

We hire experienced industry leaders, host training academies, and make strategic investments in technology and new capabilities. This enables us to approach our clients’ challenges with an insider’s understanding, and support their growth as true partners.

2X Winner
the Aecus Automation Award for leadership in digital transformation
High performer
in the “HfS Blueprint for Digital Marketing Operations” (2016)
Winner's circle
in “HfS Blueprint: Insurance As-a-Service 2017”